Modesto, Sonora & Sacramento's Premier Junk Removal Service


The Viking team is a highly motivated junk removal service aiming to blow your expectations out of the water -- every time! Competitive pricing and eco-friendly junk removal make us not just the best choice, but the right choice.

As Sacramento, Modesto, and Sonora's premier junk removal service, we believe it is our job to know what we can and cannot take -- NOT the customers. If we cannot take an item, we will offer you referrals for someone who can. For a full listing, please click here.

Text Junk Removal Estimates vs Final Price

We love giving estimates based on texts we receive. Texts give us an idea of the stress you are under.

However, texts don't always give all of the facts and details. You may have more or less than the pictures suggest. This is why we rely on an on-site inspection before giving you the final price.

After our trained and experienced hauling technicians give you an estimated load size based on what they see in person, they will load the truck quickly and efficiently.

Determining Your Final Price

We base all of our prices on the total volume of your junk and not the time it takes to remove, haul or dispose of your unwanted items. When it comes to determining the scope of your junk removal needs we encourage you to compare prices not by the truck/trailer load, but by cubic yards.

 Any Questions?

 Don't hesitate to ask! We make the effort to answer all questions within hours of it being asked. However, sometimes that is not possible. We will respond to all questions by the end of business the next day. For more information, please check out our FAQ's.

 If you’re unsure of what the cost will be, feel free to reach out anytime. Our fully insured team can be contacted online or by phone at (209) 872-0323.

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