Solar Panel Cleaning


Are your solar panels not generating as much power as they used to? Having them professionally cleaned will increase your power production!

Solar Panel Cleaning Modesto

Solar Panels Need Cleaning too!

Congratulations on installing solar panels to reduce your carbon footprint!

Collecting solar energy to power your home is the wave of the future.

Did you know you can lose solar collection from a buildup of:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Bird droppings

Your solar panels need regular maintenance like your car. You would not trust your kids to flush your radiator or rotate your tires on your new car, would you?


They might invalidate the warranty.

The same is true for solar panels. You need to have them professionally cleaned to maintain your warranty and to look for damages.

Solar Panel Cleaning Myths

Don't believe the urban tales! They can cost you -- BIG TIME!

Myth #1  - Cleaning is easy with water and dish soap

Reality:  Water from the hose and dish soap don't work

* Hard water will cloud the panels

* Only the surface dust is removed

* Tough ground in dirt remains

* Your Warranty does not cover any damages from hard water and dish soap

Myth #2 - Cleaning your roof solar panels from the ground is fine

Reality:  Not all roofs have the same shape. You are bound to miss spots. As you reach over your head to get the brush in position, you can destroy your panels with pressure.

Myth #3 -  Roof maintenance is safe

Reality:  Solar Panel Cleaning Professionals have OSHA safety training to prevent injury. Remember you are working with water and electricity. They do not mix well.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Modesto - B

How to get started

Getting started is easy.

Call or text for an appointment.

A solar panel cleaning professional will answer your call. If the line is busy, you will get a call back within 24 hours.

After connecting, you pick the date that works best for you.

You need to let us know:

  • Your concerns
  • What do you want to be done
  • When do you want us to start

Once on your roof, we will inspect your panels

  • Damages
  • Bird issues
  • Potential wiring issues

You will be immediately notified of any damages to your panels or your roof.  We are not roofers but It does not take a professional roofer to see if you might have an issue.

Where Can You Find Us?

Viking Property Services offers solar panel cleaning for residential areas, businesses, and solar farms. 

Angel’s Camp * Arnold * Ceres * Copperopolis * Elk Grove * Farmington * Groveland * Gustine * Hornitos * Jackson * La Grange * Livermore * Lodi * Manteca * Mariposa * Miwok * Village Modesto * Mountain House * Mountain Ranch * Newman * Oakdale * Patterson * Ripon * Sacramento * Salida * San Andrea * Sonora * Stockton * Turlock * Twain Harte

How Do You Start?

Call us. Please leave your telephone number, city, email address, pictures of the job, and the best time to get a hold of you.

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