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Helpful Information To Answer Your Questions About Junk Removal Pricing And Working With Us

While we cannot anticipate every question, we can answer some of the most common are below. They are broken up into the following categories for your convenience:

What Do You Do?

Do you offer curbside pickup?
A: Yes. To schedule a curbside pick-up, give us a call, and we’ll find an available time.

Do you handle eviction cleanups and full house cleanouts?
A: To schedule a full house cleanout, give us a call, and we’ll find an available time. Depending on the size of your home, the time it takes to complete a full house cleanout will vary.

Do you offer retainer pricing?
A: Yes. We love to work with businesses, commercial property owners, landlords with multiple properties, and rental property owners on a retainer basis. Let discuss what you need to tailor a solution that fits you.

Do you do charity events?
A: Yes. We love working with charities and local clean-up events. It is our way to give back and to re-purpose unwanted items we collect from customers. Viking Property Services frequently partners with local charities to offer free junk removal for those in need.

Can you take...? 

Do you accept large items?
A: Large safes, pianos, etc., we cannot take. Other large items that can be broken down we will haul away.

What don't you take?
A: Per California law, there are specific items we cannot take. If you are unsure what is considered toxic or requires special handling, please call us. We will be happy to direct you to someone who can help. Click here for the list of items we cannot take.

Quoting, Pricing & Payment Questions

How can I get a quote on my junk removal project?
A: You will receive a free quote once we arrive at your location. If you like an estimate, we can provide that over the phone. However, we can't provide you a quote until we see your items in person.

Do I have to pay for a quote?
A: No. When you receive a quote from Viking Property Services, it is always a no-obligation FREE quote.

How does junk removal pricing work?
A: Viking Property Services charges by how much space your items take up in our trailer. Give Viking Property Services a call at 209-872-0323 for a free estimate.

What is included in your pricing?
A: We list all fees that make up the price. This typically includes dump fees, labor, taxes, and specialty services as agreed. If your project is more extensive than just a truck and trailer haul, let's talk about how you can rent a dumpster in the Greater Sacramento, Modesto, and Sonora areas.

How long does it take?
A: Every job is unique. We write down the estimated labor costs by the hour. If we get the job done quicker than expected, we take the difference off of the bill.

How can I pay for junk removal?
A: Methods of payment we accept for Junk Removal include cash, credit, and debit.

Is a deposit required?
A: The larger, multi-day projects do require a deposit of 50% to start work. This will be detailed in your proposal and service agreement.

Do you offer discounts for seniors, veterans, teachers, first responders, and the disabled?
A: Absolutely! We automatically give a 10% discount to seniors, veterans, teachers, and first responders. Give us a call. If you know a senior, veteran, or disabled member of the community in need of help, we have special deals to give them a hand up. Specific restrictions apply. Please call for details.

Insurance, Recycling/Donation Policy & Safety Measures

Are you licensed and insured? 
A: Absolutely! We carry proof on us at all times and will show it immediately upon request. Per California law, a junk removal company is required to have their license on them when working and must show it upon request. They must also show proof of insurance upon request. All professional junk removal companies carry workman’s compensation in addition to general liability.  For information on how this protects you, click here.

Why does it matter if a junk removal company has insurance?
A: Per your homeowner’s or business property policy, you are responsible for all damages and injuries that occur on your property. You are also required to use only licensed professionals to do work on the property. Suppose a person gets hurt while lifting that old heavy broken washing machine. You are responsible for paying for all of the medical bills, the lost wages, pain, suffering, and whatever else the injured party can think to claim. For more information, click here.

What is your recycling/donation policy?
A: Viking Property Services sorts the unwanted items into donations, recyclables, and specialty disposals as local law allows. Then we recycle, reuse, and donate as much as possible. We do not specialize in scrapping, but we support local recycling efforts where possible.

Q: What safety precautions do you take?
A:  Employee safety is as big of a concern as our customer's safety. Our employees always have access to water, first aid kits and are expected to wear protective eyewear, gloves, face coverings, and hard hats where applicable at all times. Our employees are fully vaccinated to prevent the spread of any disease currently making the rounds. In addition, all employees must pass a rigorous criminal background check and routine drug testing.  We offer curbside pick-up for customers who prefer a no-contact transaction.


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