Don’t Let Property Cleanups Overwhelm You


Does the whole property look like the island of lost junk? We get it. Large amounts of stuff all over the property can make your property cleanup a daunting task. Viking Property Services knows how it feels to look at…

Property Cleanup in Stockton CA

Don’t Let Property Cleanups Overwhelm You

Does the whole property look like the island of lost junk?

We get it.

Large amounts of stuff all over the property can make your property cleanup a daunting task.

Viking Junk Removal property cleanup

Viking Property Services knows how it feels to look at a property filled with junk, trash, and automobiles parts left behind for our customers to clean up.

We have cleaned up some seriously trashed locations, including:

  • Homeless camps
  • Abandoned office buildings
  • Burned-out drug houses
  • Hoarder houses
  • Foreclosures/ eviction properties
  • Illegal dumping
  • Disgusting restaurants
  • Smelly storage units

So we know more than a thing or two about property cleanups.

What Are Property Cleanups?

Let’s define a property cleanup (also known as whole property cleanouts or cleanups).

Property cleanup is a process with three main steps

  1. Surveying the entire property, all buildings – inside and out
  2. Listing what we found
  3. Present our findings for direction on what to remove and what to ignore

Once we have the green light, we determine our action plan and call any outside services if needed. Then we put on our safety gear and get to work.

We automatically sort out what our favorite charities can use, what can be rehomed or recycled, and what goes to the dump. ~ Travis, Viking Property Services

Different Types of Property Cleanups

Each property cleanup is different. Each client has their own goals, timelines, and perspectives. We are happy to help each of the following as much as possible:

  • Residential property cleanup – Typically, residential services refer to specific dwellings, including single-family residences, apartments, condominiums, and multi-family homes.
  • Foreclosure property cleanup – Foreclosure properties are or have been repossessed by the bank that holds the note on the property. Banks turn the property around to sell it to get their money back and a bit more for their trouble. Banks will often hire property preservation companies to get the property ready for sale.

Cash buyers, wholesalers, and investors will attend the bank’s auction looking for a deal. However, if the properties are messy and full of junk left behind by the previous owners, new prospective buyers might not offer the minimum price the bank is looking to cover their losses.

Cash for Keys in a Modesto CA Foreclosure Sale

Viking loves working with foreclosures. We know that foreclosures bring down the value of the entire neighborhood and that hurts everyone. To clean up a foreclosure means we get to help the property owner and the neighbors.

  • Estate home property cleanup – Estate home cleanups have a sadness attached to the cleanup. The former tenant passed away, and the deceased’s estate needs to be settled. Many deceased individuals were very ill before passing and were not able (or willing) to keep things spic and span. Their possessions collected over a lifetime often had more sentimental than monetary value. Usually, these items are hauled away so our customers can assess the estate properly.
  • Investment/Rental property cleanup – Clearing a rental property before handing the keys over to the owner can feel overwhelming, time-consuming, and exhausting. Often we hear renters state they did not know they had this much stuff. Viking Property Services makes this process easier. Schedule a pick-up for the things you are not taking. With the junk removed, it is easier to clear the way for you to do the final cleaning before returning the keys.
  • Commercial cleanup – Most commercial cleanups are time-sensitive. Our commercial clients know we respect their time constraints. Viking works hard to get the job done right, fast, and early. Common commercial cleanups include:

Buyer Beware

Illegal dumping is on the rise. So are arrests of customers who hired unprofessional junk haulers out to make a quick buck.

Hint:  Always ask if they have liability insurance. If they don’t and they get hurt on your property, you are responsible.

Protect yourself from unnecessary fines and possible jail time for hiring unprofessional “companies” who illegally dump your stuff. They are the ones who underbid everyone else with an insane price that you know will not cover the cost of gas, landfill fees, taxes, liability insurance, and workman’s comp. Typically these lowball quotes come from “businesses” without a license.

Here are the questions you need to ask before hiring a junk removal company.

Call Viking Junk Removal Modesto/Sonora CA

Viking Junk Removal has had the privilege of working with various clients with very different needs. We have worked with homeowners, landlords, banks, property preservation companies, homeowner associations, investors, estate attorneys, contractors, and thoughtful renters to do extensive and small-scale property cleanups.

If you want to know more about our property cleanup services or wish to book your no-obligation estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us through our online form or call us at (209) 872-0323.

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