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light demolition services

What is Light Demolition?

Light demolition is the teardown or disassembly of interior spaces, decks, shed, hot tub, and similar structures that do not require a special license from the Contractor's Board.


Viking Property Services is a licensed junk removal company but we do not hold a special license required for things like asbestos removal and certain hazardous materials. We have workman's comp, general liability insurance and care more than we should about how we leave our customer's job site.


We happily assist our customers to get rid of the old, so they can build the future they envision. Sometimes that project is big like a renovation cleanup for a local general contractor. Sometimes it is small like removing an old broken shed so our customer's grandchildren can run safely in the back yard.

Is Light Demolition My Best Option?

Looking into remodeling or renovating your space to upgrade your lifestyle?

Congratulations on moving forward with your dreams. Just remember to plan for the waste.  Please note that illegal dumping in California comes with a hefty fine and either jail time or embarrassing community service.

Local garbage companies focus their business resources on weekly garbage pickups. If the debris is too much or too big for your trash can you will need to figure out how to proceed.

Do you rent an expensive, huge roll-off dumpster from the local garbage company and do all the heavy lifting yourself? Or do you call light demolition experts like Viking Property Services to handle it for you?

In today's crazy busy world, most people do NOT have the time nor the desire to do it themselves. Delegate the mess to your local light demolition experts -- Viking Property Services.

Common items that require light demolition:

    • Hot tubs
    • Above ground pools
    • Sheds
    • Play equipment (ex. swing sets & trampolines)
    • Decks & fences
    • Gazebos and carports
    • Homeless camps and much more!

How do Viking's light demolition services help you?

  • Save time
  • Prevent injury
  • Recycle and dispose of the debris properly
  • Support local business
  • Support local charities that serve selflessly

What happens to my old structure?

Our commitment to our community is an essential part of our core values. As part of that commitment, we re-home as much of the light demolition debris as possible first and recycle what we cannot donate. If there are any leftovers, we properly dispose of the items as dictated by local law.

Light Demolition Service Areas

Don't see your city, contact us. If we don't service your area, we will refer you to someone who does.

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Reclaim Your Time and Space

Viking Property Services makes it look like it was never there! Let us handle solar panel cleaning, junk removal, fire prevention, eviction cleanouts, light demolition, furniture removal, appliance removal, and gutter cleaning. You have more important things to do. Now serving Sonora, Modesto & Sacramento, CA.

Text-based Property Services Estimate

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Simply Take A Few Photos

To get a quick property services estimate:

  1. Take a picture of the items
  2. Text them to (209) 872-0323
  3. Include your name, location, and any extra details

We will send you an estimate based on what we see.

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