Fire Clearance & Defensible Space


Viking Property Services is a fire clearance and defensible space expert serving Sonora, Modesto, Merced and surrounding areas.

Fire Clearance & Defensible Space

Fire clearance is the action that creates a defensible space. Viking Property Services can clean up the following from your property:


• Pine needles
• Branches
• Dry leaves
• Debris
• Project remains
• Other matter


Previous wildfire experience proved that 100 ft is not enough to protect your home. Particularly from burning tall dead standing pine. As a result, a new law requires a fire clearance from your home to the perimeter is at least 300 ft of defensible space. Many expect it to go into effect before the end of the year. The problem is the wind. Wind will carry embers much farther and much faster than a fire dining on pine needles on the forest floor.


Defensible space is the buffer between your home and the surrounding wildland area. It slows/stops the spread of wildfire and helps protect your home from catching fire. The main danger is embers, direct flame contact, or radiant heat. Defensible space also provides firefighters with a safe area to work in to defend your home.

Is Our Fire Clearance / Defensible Space Right For You?

Viking Property Services cover a wide area. Not all customers need this service. However, areas like Sonora, Groveland, Copperopolis, Jackson, and Twain Harte do. These areas have a variety of pine needles, dead-standing trees, and dry brush. Then add the dangers of homeless camp debris and illegal dumpsites. This natural (and unnatural) debris is the perfect fuel for wildfires.


If you live in wildfire country, you must create a defensible space around your home and property. Start by clearing any materials that fire love to consume. Don’t let your home become a buffet of dry appetizers a fire will quickly consume. Once consumed, a fire will move to the main course – your home.


What to Expect From Viking Property Services

Your time is valuable. You can call, fill out the contact form below or email us. We will call you within 24 hours – usually much sooner.


When you send us pictures of the property, we will review them to give you an estimate. However, the estimate does not include any discounts or the final price. We need to see the property to provide the final price to you in writing. (Click here for more details on an estimate versus the final price.)


After connecting, we ask you the best time to see the property. We want to set an appointment time that is convenient for you. Once we walk the property in person, we will give you a final quote in writing. Upon your signed approval, we begin work at the agreed upon time. We arrive early and work quickly, safely, and respectfully.


Viking Property Services work carefully. We take the time to prevent damaging structures on the property like fences. Before we leave, we go the extra mile. We want to wow you with our world-class service and leave the job site in better condition than expected.

ow Do Service Agreements and Proposals Differ?

The main difference is the job size and delivery of the final quote. For smaller projects, Viking Property Services walk the property. Then we prepare a written service agreement with the final quote. We come prepared to begin immediately; no deposit is required to start work.


Service Agreements are hand delivered on the spot and include:

• Final price, any applicable discounts, and fees (like taxes and labor)
• Detailed job description of what’s included and what’s excluded
• Payment terms
• For a more complex fire clearance project, we inspect the property. Then we prepare an e-signable proposal and email it to you by the close of business that day.


Proposals include:

• Final price, applicable discounts, included fees, and the deposit required to start
• Detailed job description of what’s included and what’s excluded
• Payment terms
• Earliest start date with time
• Proposals are only valid for ten (10) days unless otherwise requested.

Where Can You Find Us?

Viking Property Services offer fire clearance solutions all year round. You will see us working in the areas below. If you don’t see your area listed below, call us. If we can’t help you, we will do our best to refer you to someone who can.


Angel’s Camp * Arnold * Atwater * Ceres * Copperopolis * Elk Grove * Farmington * Groveland * Gustine * Hornitos * Jackson * La Grange * Livermore * Lodi * Los Banos * Manteca * Mariposa * Merced * Miwok * Village Modesto * Mountain House * Mountain Ranch * Newman * Oakdale * Patterson * Ripon * Salida * San Andrea * Sonora * Stockton * Turlock * Twain Harte

How Do You Start?

You can call us or fill out the contact information below. Please leave your telephone number, city, email address, pictures of the job, and the best time to get a hold of you.

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