Moving Prep Tips & Tricks


Moving Preparation Tips & Tricks Moving can be stressful. However, with a bit of planning, you can turn moving into a fun stepping-off point for the next adventure of your life. Here are some moving prep tips & tricks that…

Moving Prep Tips & Tricks

Moving Prep Tips & Tricks

Moving Preparation Tips & Tricks

Moving can be stressful. However, with a bit of planning, you can turn moving into a fun stepping-off point for the next adventure of your life. Here are some moving prep tips & tricks that are sure to help plan your next move.

Step 1: Make A Plan

  1. Utilities – Call to set up service. Give yourself a week of overlap to clean the old place.
  2. Junk Removal Appointment Set up: Set your appointment with Viking Property Services for the morning of the move. Then designate where you will put the stuff you want to recycle, donate, and trash.
    • How do you know if it is time to let it go? If you have not used it or thought about it in 6 months, let it go.
    • Donating toys your kids outgrew? Place them in a box labeled “laundry supplies.” Purposefully mislabeling these boxes thins the “herd” without the drama. (Hint: it works for older people in your house too!)
  3. Reserve a Moving Truck – plan to pick it up the night before or the morning day of the move
  4. Map Out Your Packing Strategy

Step 2: Gather the Supplies

Here is where you can save yourself some money but using what you have.

Instead of buying rolls of paper and bubble wrap, look no further than your closets.

  • Use sheets, washcloths, and hand towels to wrap up fragile knickknacks.
  • Use blankets, winter clothes, and coats to wrap lamps and breakables
  • Use your towels to separate your dishes

This time-saving technique also saves space as well. Now you don’t have to pack these in a separate box.

What Supplies Do You Need?

• Boxes – same size
• Wine Boxes
• Tape (lots of it!)
• Bubble Wrap
• Box knife
• Scissors
• Trash Bags
• Plastic Wrap
• Ziplock Bags
• Overnight Backpacks

A Tip About Boxes

Getting the same size and shape boxes makes getting the boxes easier but also limits overstuffing. Big boxes are too easy to stuff with heavy items like books that can crush your more delicate items. Not to mention, larger boxes can become too heavy to lift safely. You don’t want to injure anyone in your move.

Pain in back. Young man suffering while lifting a cardboard box


Here are some ideas to make your packing go smoother:

  • Use boxes of the same size/shape to maximize space, to load, and unload
  • Don’t use boxes that are bigger than a ten (10) ream box of paper. For those delicate mirrors, paintings, and family pictures, wrap them in comforters and blankets. Then use several collapsed paper boxes to custom fit your odd-shaped fragile items.
  • Have colored labels for each room. (Let everyone pick their color)
  • Label every box, so you know where to put it when you unload.
  • Put books and heavy items in smaller boxes. It is better to make multiple trips than to get injured carrying one large box.

Step 3: Start Packing

What do you do when you are maintaining life’s daily demands and getting ready for your move?

Develop a Game Plan

Immediately designate your junk & recycle pile. If possible, put it close to the curb so Viking Property Services can drive up and remove it quickly! You will have other things on your mind on Moving Day!

Now that you have your junk & recycle pile handled, time to tackle the rest of the house:

    1. Start with your clutter corners and closets.
    2. Next, move to your laundry room, bathroom cabinets, and hall storage. Only leave the bare minimum. If it doesn’t fit in your overnight bag, box it up.
    3. Shut down one room at a time. Use the room’s function to determine your packing schedule. Once a room is packed, make the room off-limits for cleaning.

      Packing a Child’s Room: Begin with the closet and other out-of-sight items first. Put old /unused toys out to be repurposed. Label those boxes as something other than “toys”. Then thin down the room.Involve your child. Getting their involvement reinforces that their contributions are valuable too.

Create Your Essentials Box

Limit yourself to the absolute essentials to get your new home up and moving. Put this in the car with you. Your Moving Day Essentials Box is the first thing you bring into your new house!

    •  Toilet paper & first aid kit
    • Scissors & basic tool kit
    • Paper towels & trash bags
    • Drink station: water, coffee pot, coffee & cups, pet water bowl
    • Chargers & flashlight
    • Soap, dishwashing liquid & multipurpose cleaner

Protect Your Valuables

Don’t put these on the truck! Put these in your car the morning of the move.

  • Medical, identity, custody & financial records (birth & death records, shot records, passports, custody agreements, bank statements, social security cards, etc.)
  • Personal electronics like desktop towers, laptops, tablets, cellphones, gaming systems, and charging cords
  • Jewelry & high-value collectibles

The Overnight Backpack

The week before you move, have every person pack their overnight backpack. Include new games, toys, or books. The newness will give your child something to anticipate. Don’t forget to pack one for each pet too.

  • Adults (1 bag per adult) – Sleeping bag & pillow, chargers, flashlight, batteries, toiletries, toilet paper, prescriptions, pain reliever, first aid kit, sleepwear, and 1 outfit
  • Kids (1 bag per child) – Sleeping bag & pillow, a flashlight, a new game, new toy, new book, toothbrush, pajamas, and 1 outfit
  • Pets (1 bag per animal) – Kibble, water bowl, toys, waste bags, pet mess spray/urine destroyer, vet records, and leash/harness

The Night Before Preparation

The night before a move can be an emotional time. Everyone knows one part of their life is ending, and a new beginning is coming. Take the time to talk about the good times you had. Ask everyone to share a:

  • Happy memory about the house
  • Hope for the new house
  • Concern for the future

Sharing will give everyone a sense of closure and reinforce hope for a new beginning.

Moving Day is here!

Moving Day starts early. Your list may seem endless. You have to:

  • Pick up the moving truck/van
  • Show Viking Property Services where the junk is, and we will haul it away.
  • Load the truck and car – Give the kids the lighter boxes. They want to help too!
  • Say your goodbyes

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. With a bit of preparation and help from Viking Property Services, your next move can be a snap!For more information on moving prep tips & tricks contact us today.

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