Maximize Going Green with Solar Panel Cleaning, Junk Removal & Fire Defense Services

Your Big Clean Team To Help You Go Green

Going green is more than reducing your electric bill. It is about living a cleaner, less stressed, and less cluttered life.

  • Return your energy product like when they were first installed
  • Reclaim your space with junk removal
  • Prevent wildfire from destroying your home
Solar panel cleaning in Modesto CA

Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Make the most of the sun's rays
  • Lowers your power bill
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Protect your investment
  • Deters birds humanely
  • Increases energy production

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How We Do It

  • Inspect panels before cleaning
  • Remove dust & debris per your warranty
  • No harm bird management
  • Install bird deterrents 
  • Roof cleaning to detect Issues
hot tub removal

Junk Removal & Property Services

  • Frees up your space
  • Get your security deposit back
  • Speeds up estate settlements
  • Deters squatters & illegal dumping
  • Hurries up re-sale opportunities
  • Prevents unnecessary damage

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How We Do It

We offer a wide range of services to help you get the property ready

  • Eviction cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Remove hot tubs & sheds
  • Move out cleanups
  • Commercial Cleanouts
  • Hoarder Situations
  • Estate cleanouts
FIre Protection begins with cleaning up dead trees and brush

Fire Prevention & Defensible Space

  • Keep your family safe
  • Keep your property value up
  • Create a defensible space
  • Protect your way of life
  • Face wildfire with confidence
  • Meet code enforcement rules 

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What We Do

The best way to prevent fire from destroying your home is to:

  • Remove dead brush & fallen limbs
  • Clear out pine needles
  • Create a "defensible space"
  • Get rid of old project remains
  • Remove “fire fuels” 
Viking Junk Removal

The Viking Property Service Experience

1. Set An Appointment That Works For You

When you call, a friendly knowledgeable technician will answer your questions and set up a time that works for you

2. Constant Communication

You need to know when we are on our way, your inspection results, and if any issues come up. Clear communication is key to providing you with superior service.

3. Just Point & It's Handled!

Before work begins, we confirm what you want done and get to work safely and quickly. You will be immediately notified if we see anything that is not right.

Big or small, few or many, Viking Property services will clear it away for you.


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Reclaim Your Time and Space

Viking Property Services makes it look like it was never there! Let us handle solar panel cleaning, junk removal, fire prevention, eviction cleanouts, light demolition, furniture removal, appliance removal, and gutter cleaning. You have more important things to do. Now serving Sonora, Modesto & Sacramento, CA.

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